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Serena Westra

Serena Westra is specialising in service design, and has 10 years of experience in storytelling, strategic innovation, and facilitation. By collaboration with companies like ING Bank, Philips, and Cisco, Serena has built her career path towards being a Service Design Network finalist in 2021 for her work in inclusive design with the municipality of Amsterdam. Serena has a passion for visual thinking, improvisation theatre, and storytelling. Serena worked as a Senior Service Design Consultant at Koos Service Design from May 2017 to May 2022. From July 2020 until the end of 2021 she collaborated with OLX Group in the AI innovation hub OLX². She currently works at IKEA as Senior Strategic Experience Designer.

Serena holds a BA in Media & Culture Studies and a MA in New Media & Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Before joining Koos, she worked in visual consultancy and as a lecturer at several universities, like TU Delft and Willem de Kooning Art Academy.

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Ioannis Zempekakis

Ioannis has over 12 years of experience working and developing data science solutions. He has a BA in Economic Science (AuTh), a M.Sc in Econometrics (Essex – Distinction), and a Research M.Sc. Operations Research (Tilburg University – Cum Laude). He has worked as a Ph.D. researcher for AuTh for three years, specialising in Deep Learning (till 2014). Ioannis has worked with start-ups and companies (Boskalis, Glencore, Shell) and co-founded one Delft-based startup focusing on predictive maintenance. He is also a regular speaker on NL-based meetups on AI. He is an active contributor to Open-Ethics for AI think tank, which won the 2021 SDG Award within the EU.

As a Head of Global Data Science, he is responsible for Data Science governance, best practices, AI-by-Design, and ML strategy.